Hi,welcome to my website im Satvinder Gill. all the paintings on my site are original paintings and they are in pastel and water colour and oils.

What you see here are necklace's made by the maasai people on sale at a road side "BANDA SHOP". Once you could not buy them as the maasai only made them for their own people, but now as thing's have moved on you can buy them at nearly all the tourist shop's in Nairobi,Mombasa and any of the road side banda shop's.everytime i go back i come back with bag's full of stuff as my living room is full of African art and i have to keep swaping and changeing thing's around so i also have a atic full of African art too!!!!!! the wife call's it "JUNK"but to me it's a part of Africa in my home!!!!!!! plus they are a good talking point with my friend's.

Ugali is one of Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda and most of Afrcia's staple diet!! everybody eat's it. it's made from corn meal flour and water and eaten with curry or any kind of meat and vegitable's. i love eating it with "SUKUMA WIKI" it's a kind of spinich and is normally cooked with thinly sliced meat!!!! "YUM". I still cook and eat it at home once a week or more when my family or my African friend's come over.

"TUSKER" another one of Kenya's magical product!!!! as they say in Kenya " LETE TUSKER BARIDI". we were allowed to have a glass as kid's when we had party's at home which were nearly every weekend!!!!! we loved it the house was full of family and friend's, as we lived in Nyali in Mombasa not far from the beach so all the kid's would just be running in and out of the house to the beach and back!! we would have BBQ'S in the huge garden. At time's i sit at home and have a replay in my mind of gone by day's and at time's wonder if i would ever want to change anything in my life? and i alway's come back with the same answer!!!!!!! "NO" it truely was a "BORN FREE LIFESTYLE" and i loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!!.

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