About me

Name: Satvinder Gill
Home town: MIDLANDS

Hobbies: cricket, model scale rally cars and of course wildlife painting.
Music: indian music, african music and what ever sounds nice at the time.
Movies: comedy, and real life drama and wildlife documentaries.
Languages: English, swahili, punjabi, gujrati,hindi,urdu.

My motto: we are born free!! i was born in Tanzania (DAR-ES-SALAAM) and was raised in the born free manner as my uncles were safari men!! we then moved to Kenya and life was just the same FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!. I started to paint and draw animals on safari and soon felt i had a gift in and i never looked back! i grew to adore and respect the animals around me and hence i feel  we should always respect the animal world as they are more sensible then we will ever be!!!!!!!!!!.i paint in oils pastel and watercolour and most of my painting tend to be 36/20 inches big!!!! i have had exibhtions in London,Birmingham and in Northern Ireland, they were very succesful and helped me alot in ways of improving my work. i have 2 places in this whole wideworld that are so very special to me and 1st is Tanga in Tanzania and 2nd is Goa in India, they in a way have made me the person i am today!! if asked, i could not even put a finger on how and in what way, they just have. I undertake commissions and have a secret that i have never painted on an easel!!!! i have always used my bathroom door as one! true!! as you can see in the picture above starting a painting thats on my photo gallery and last but not least i would like you to comment on all of my work and if you feel that you would like to commission me or purchase any of my paintings please email me on  mamboyetu@live.co.uk thank you and i hope to hear from you all soon.

This building is very special to me, it's called "BOMBO HOSPITAL". I struggeled through my exam's in pain with appendix and my dad thought i was lieing and i was afriad of doing my exam's!!!!! I "PASSED" WHOOP!! WHOOP!! and the very next day i collapsed and was taken to hospital and had my operation the next day. it was worth all the pain just to see my dad's face when i came round! he was in tear's and had that humble sorrowful look on his face HAHAHA!!! and guess what i got a brand new bicycle out of it!!!!!!!!!! RESULT.

This is one place in Birmingham close to my home that really has Kenya to heart. The weather may not be sunny and hot!!!!!! but the "TUSKER" sure is chilled!!. I in a way adore this place at it take's me back to the "BANDA YA BIYA" on the roadside's in Mombasa!!!!!!. I would recomed this place to anybody that want's a cold tusker beer in Birmingham but in an African surrounding!!!! its called " AKAMBA GARDEN CENTRE" look it up!!!!!!.

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